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Radhasoami (Radha Swami) is a spiritual movement that originated in 19th century India, and is considered by adherents as a true way to attain God realization. The Radhasoami faith is also referred to as Sant Mat, the “Path of the Sants.” The word “Radhasoami” itself is actually a combination of two words: “Radha” (referring to the soul or spiritual essence, either of an individual or of the whole) and “Soami” (referring to the spiritual master; cognate to the Sanskrit term swami or svami); the combined word thus refers to the “Lord of the Soul” or God. It also can be interpreted to mean the “Master Soul” or “Spirit Master” who guides the disciple to higher states of consciousness. Like Sant Mat sects, Radhasoami emphasizes the use of listening to inner sound accessed by (mantra/simran), combined with personal loyalty to a given living Master, for devotees to attain desired states of spiritual advancement.source wikipedia
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