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This is the time of big Baba ji. A jogi used to do the rest on the Himalayas, a day is described as a hajur ji in the form of a glimpse of him. Raise your voices and start saying you will see if you have to take the path to meet the Lord. He was delighted to see the vision, while sitting prostrating, his legs were weakened, it was difficult to walk, thinking that what to do now. But not able to survive the love of injury, after 6 months of walking slowly, Beas reached, when Beas came, Hajur was sitting on stage while doing satsang. He came near the stage and reached the stage and grabbed his hand and said, “Baba ji, you have brought me up, there is a line of practice in your stage.”

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When you had seen me, the line was also shown at that time that you had ordered, come and see Beas and identify it. Jogi said, now you show me the right step. Hajoor concealed the stage, did not show up in satsanga. But Jogi stubbornly came to the house of Hajur ji. Jogi started saying, “Jupiter jumped on the steps, jogi ji said, reaching so far, he woke up and woke me up and brought me here, why hide now. Jogi gave me the name of the

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application now.
Hajoor said, “See you, I am a householder.” Jogi said – No true ruler is me, you are God. Hajoor said – “It is all a game of famine, I am nothing, I am nothing. “Money Satguru ji did not leave humility even with such a great personality. Hajur ji told Dayakar Jogi, the complete way to go inside, Jogi stayed in the Beas camp for a month. Then Hajoor ji said good jogi, now you go to solitary and sing praises. Jogi said, very good. Hajoor ji, with great love, gave Jogi a love prasad and departed. Jogi was very pleased with the name of the name Saying true Patshah now the path got right, so many years have forgotten.

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Hajoor said – Look Jogi everything was inside you. The finger is placed on the way to the inside. Time is time, your time has come. Hajoor used to keep the time chief- you came to the time when the time came. Why not come first, do not look at the Aga chase, now you have to keep chanting the name with chanting Naam and Satguru. Everything else is here to stay.

Radha Soami Ji!!!


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