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Huzur Maharaj ji in responsed to a letter.
Dear sister
Do not diminish your heart.
Never think that you are alone in a moment or you are being ignored or no one is watching you.
You are receiving every help from God and the Guru that you need.
But sometimes the weight of the karmas is so much that due to this we have to go through our body and mental suffering or through a lot of trouble.
But believe that sister, the circumstances under which you are going through are the way to take you towards the owner’s dargah and will stand in front of them.
The Dixit soul has to go through the furnace of fire to make gold. Never ever consider God wrong. God does not blame anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. He knows how good the creatures

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are going through and what troubles are going through.
If there is a sadness of a dikshit soul then it is the sadness of that master himself.
Please bear with your life courageously and believe in God.
Time varies. Everybody is living with this hope.
The owner knows well at what position you are going through. You do your own deeds and leave the wish of the other owner.
And do the Aradas for mercy to the owner.
With kind regards, boys
Affectionately, Charan Singh
Radha Swamiji ..

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