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one at a time
Satsangi came to serve, ten day
After the service was over, he was about to go home day
First broke his leg, he
Very sad and his mind
I came to know that ten days served his In turn, the shank broke
The boss knows all, when Maharaj ji To give sight to
Roads were going after their Kothi
Met the brother in
And putting his hands on his shoulder said that tonight Sit in
When he sat down to worship the night, then Maharaj
Take him to the top of the table Went and
He showed him the bus back
Had had an accident, had to go, and that
In accident He had died,
Maharaj ji has his Surat His deadbody also appeared,
Because that satguru
Came to the asylum of
Ji did his work
Cutting his legs onlyGiven

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When its down

And he made the owner of Aradas that the owner
Book two –
Baksh do
Essence – We must have complete faith in Satguru,
They do not even have our hair
Giving, and who with us
Is it somewhere in
Something is good for us … .🙏🙏🙏
In the satsang,
The clock which we watch, half clock, hour two hours, is like that, just like we fill in a bit amount in the insurance policy as a installment.
Then, when Bima policy goes up, then a big amount comes back with the bonus with interest.
Just a little bit the same way, one day, with a huge interest and bonuses, one day Satsang brings us together.
The shredder fills the ocean with a pond and drops from the shred.
Sattur gives us a lot of wages as we pick up a basket of sugar in the service in the camp.
Come on from today, we pay a bit of a hymn in the hymn insurance policy.
Then leave it on to the next guru.
He is our
Will keep the shame of incomparable hymns

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Radha Soami Ji