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Once a blind person, who was a devotee of Atmakta, came to the tent.
He said to a servant of the hero, “Veer ji, I want to talk to your chef, you can tell how I can meet him, that savadar Veer said that the total owner is doing satsanga at this time so i will give you pandal I’ll leave in There is also much more compatible, can not be met and the serviceman Veer puts the other person on a side behind in the pandal.
He heard satsanga with great love, already satsang created such a stir in him that he started thinking about donation. At the same time, the Sauvadi Veer came to him and asked how you felt satsang then that person again said that you should get me from your mentor.

The servant Veer said, “Veer ye ye tomorrow da satasgaan again and stay with me at night.”
On the second day, that sevadar Veer placed him in Satsang Padal. On the second day, Mahārāj explained only about the name of Dan, that the tears were flowing with the eyes of that person. He got very distraught towards the master and from the end the owner of the complaint will pay me the same amount.
The same day the satsang came to the end of the Satsang the other day and took him along
The lower person pleaded with the service officer that if I could get the name Dan, I could also get a name donation, then that serviceman said that there is no order that any person may get a name but if you look after your donation I’ll take it along,

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Namdan was not so strict at that time, if there was obstruction in the line, then after looking at him, he sent him forward and towards the other side, the barracks, which were being obstructed by his way, broke all the walls. Granted, when the true Patshah was presented to the owner, Satguru ji insisted that there is no stock of your eyes and therefore you can not get donations and donations can be given to the person as soon as he listens. That is: – Well then you have sent me to the place where name donation can be found. Knowing, knowingly about it, Satguru placed her on the name donation and said that it was done in the same way. .

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When all the names were donated to charity, Satguru himself himself came to him and said that his brother stood up, when he stood up and said, “till my dear one is good” (look carefully at me) because eh sarup your work When he looked upwards, his head had come, then he appeared to the true Patshah Ji, and the entire Malik ji gave him a name donation.
He had had faith in him that for a while, he could carry out the outer garment, he could bring in the presence of the joat, so he made a big mistake and followed the teachings of Satguru and simultaneously recited the bhajans and the curtain of the owner opened. .
He got to know the whole story of his last birth. After some time, he came to the darray. Maharaj Ji was doing satsang, he got up in the middle and says that he has to apply the Hajur, then Maharaj ordered that sit down, no matter
The person then stood up and said that if you do not go to Hajur, you order him, then he said, “Heal the Jedi. You have to run a firearm.” O the world, you do not remain in the mischief. It is a complete Guru and I have full faith, Tell the story of birth
I was stuck in my last life and on my way to the tent, my place was on a kicker’s tree, once a few satsangi anchors brought from the tent were eating under the same tree, eating the pahad with their hands. After I left that meal I ate it, so the man got birth and I had an urine, a baby girl was lying in a state of unknowingly in the side of the truck and was pained. I used to be disturbed, I did not like anything except the month, went to that puppy and took out his eyes and ate it

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That is why I got a man’s birth by eating a feast, but because of eating my puppy’s eyes I am an infant in this life, so brothers, I have got all this good from the whole guru, you do not even make the mistake of understanding them as a common man.

Radha Swamiji